Based in central London, Green Science Tutors was founded in 2015 with the goal of making it easier for parents and students alike to find a fully qualified, dedicated science tutor able to significantly improve a student’s performance in the sciences, from primary level all the way to degree level.

Our passion to provide the highest level of science tutoring partly stems from our desire to solve three of the most difficult challenges that almost all families face with science throughout their child’s education:

  • Firstly, schools in the UK dedicate about 20-30% more time teaching English and maths, despite science counting for two to three GCSEs, meaning that students often need additional support outside of class, in order to compensate and excel in science.
  • Secondly, there are so many different qualifications for science. In fact, there are over 110 different qualification titles and syllabuses for GCSE science alone. This is more than English, English literature and maths GCSEs combined - and therefore selecting an expert, reliable tutor - for the qualification in question - is in itself a tricky and time consuming task. 
  • Thirdly, science is quite simply a tough subject for any student to master.

Given the critical importance of science as an academic discipline, and the doors these qualifications open for our students, we at Green Science Tutors have developed an effective method by which our students are able to achieve academic success. The first thing we do is offer a free consultation to help answer any questions you may have regarding the particular qualification for which you require a tutor. We learn your goals. After which, we match the student to a tutor who can teach to their specific syllabus and arrange for them to go to your home at a convenient  time. This can also be done online.

Nevertheless, sometimes the need for a tutor is sudden. This is why at Green Science Tutors we pride ourselves on our ability to get a tutor to your doorstep quickly - so much so that 83% of the time, we are able to arrange for a perfectly matched tutor to be with you within five working days of first contacting us.


We use our educational links with schools, teaching bodies and leading universities to attract the very best science tutors. Regarding qualifications, all of our tutors must have a BSc, MSc or a Ph.D. in science and/or qualified teacher status (QTS).  All prospective tutors are checked - this includes their qualifications, certificates, work permits and Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) -  by an experienced panel of educational experts. All interviews are conducted by an OFSTED rated ‘outstanding’ science teacher and qualified teacher trainer. Tutors will only be taken on if they demonstrate excellent subject knowledge in the area they wish to tutor, and can engage with the tutee afforded to them in an observed tutorial. All of our tutors are DBS and reference checked, and we will only take on tutors who show high levels of commitment, passion and reliability.

We are the only tutoring agency in the UK that carries out such a thorough recruitment process for science, and we take great pride in this fact. Our wealth of scientific talent at the agency’s disposal means that we are always confident that the tutor we match a student with will enjoy the lessons, gain confidence and enthusiasm for the subject - and see their grades improve significantly over the period of tuition. We do this in part by examining the feedback given to us by our clients regarding their respective tutor - especially the tutor’s performance. As a result, over 70% of tutees at Green Science Tutors improve by one academic grade or more. 20% of students move up by 2 grades or more. For the 2015/16 academic year, 100% of our students scored A*-B for GCSE and 80% scored A*-B for A-level.

Meet Our Team


Matthew Green

Co-founder and Academic Director

Richard Barber

Co-founder and Commercial Director

Christine Katsikides

Education Consultant for Primary Teaching | Primary School Teacher

Sue Dudson

Education Consultant for Secondary Teaching | Secondary School Teacher