Online tutoring is when a tutor and student who are not in the same location use the internet to teach and learn remotely. The tutor communicates real-time with the student using video conference technology and an interactive, whiteboard platform called Scribblar.

Through Scribblar, we are able to feature live audio, chat, image sharing, digital pens  and document sharing of the exam syllabus. Tutors and students, therefore, interact in an engaging and dynamic learning environment that is simple and very effective. Our online tutors are all trained to make expert use of our interactive software. Our online tutors are our highest performing tutors across the country. They have established track records in tutoring students online - and bring the best of the highly regarded British education system and the national curriculum to students throughout the world.

Our clients use online tutoring for some of the following reasons:

  • Convenience. Students can access their tutor and have lessons anywhere.
  • Freedom. Students can schedule their session whenever it best fits their schedule.  
  • Experience. The technology afforded to the student by way of video communication, interactive technology, instant messaging and document sharing makes the sessions engaging and unique. This is because it is the opportunity to learn at a custom, personalised pace.

It is for these reasons that 36% of our clients choose online tutoring.

“I cannot recommend online tutoring with Green Science Tutors enough. It’s was convenient for me and my son found it engaging to use, particularly as he finds it difficult to concentrate for long periods of time.”